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Cool Celebrity Finder images

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plate 35: Leech Finders celebrity finder
Image by Leeds Museums and Galleries The Costume of Yorkshire in 1814, by George Walker, plate 35: Leech Finders ‘Leeches are now so much in demand that they are comparatively scarce, though still found in many parts of Yorkshire. The women who collect them are principally from Scotland, and though by no means the fairest of their sex, or possessing any claims to blue stocking celebrity, are, notwithstanding, by no means disagreeable subjects for the pencil. Their dress has some peculiarity in it, and they promenade bare-legged, with considerable picturesque effect, in the pools of water frequented by leeches. These little blood-suckers attach themselves to the feet and legs, and are from thence transferred by the fair fingers of the lady to a small barrel of keg of water suspended at her waist.’ LEEDM.E.2013.0139.0001.plate35

Rachel Is Star-Finder In Primrose Hill celebrity finder
Image by MichaelEClarke